June 26, 2023

Two Years of Building

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

A look back at year two

In June 2022, we published a Changelog looking back at our first year. Since then, we’ve continued to expand our infrastructure in supporting connections to more carriers and to enable more functionality for our users. We wanted to reflect again on how far we’ve come in another year! Over the last twelve months we’ve more than doubled our total integrations, now offering more than 40 integrations across 8 lines of business. We believe we’re the best in the world at rapidly integrating commercial insurance APIs, and we’re only just getting started.

We’re particularly proud of our progress because not all integrations are created the same! This year we added several specialty lines of insurance, such as Miscellaneous Professional Liability and Management Liability, both of which are newly API-ifiyed products in the industry and come with new levels of complexity.

In total, we now connect to:

  • 9 Cyber products
  • 8 General Liability products
  • 7 Business Owner’s Policy products
  • 5 Miscellaneous Professional Liability Products
  • 5 Management Liability Products
  • 3 Workers’ Compensation products
  • 2 Property products
  • 1 Tech E&O product

Herald integrations now come with much more functionality than they did a year ago. To call out just a few highlights, in the last year we’ve added:

  • Bind 2.0, a more robust bind endpoint that accounts for the wide array of scenarios we’ve encountered across carriers as well as static bind orders.
  • Producers, to allow customers to add and manage producers as well as their access to quote certain products
  • Applicant and Agent Facing Text, to allow customers to customize the type of question text their users sees based on the experience they’re trying to build
  • Knockout Logic, which communicates to an applicant as they fill out questions for a product if they become ineligible and are ‘knocked out’
  • The ability to obtain files from carriers via API
  • Enhancements to our dynamic application including ordering, sections, and currency
  • Classifications, an endpoint that allows customers to get classifications to classify an applicant
  • The Herald Request Builder (HeRB), an interactive demonstration of our dynamic application with real-time API requests
  • Herald Docs that are accessible to the public from our website

We have ambitions to achieve even more in this coming year to empower our carrier partners and their distributors. Get ready for what’s coming next!

Growth on the API Index

We’ve also updated the Insurance API Index, as APIs continue see tremendous growth in 2023! There are now 155 API-enabled products across 57 carriers and 20 different lines of business on the index. Compared to 2022, in 2023 this represents:

  • 57% growth in the number of carriers with digital capabilities
  • 60% growth in the number of commercial API enabled products

Read more about our update in our 2023 API Index blog post.

New Line of Business: Management Liability

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve recently added a new line of business, Management Liability (ML), which includes 5 new products with our launch!

Fixes and Improvements

To call out a few updates from this sprint:

  • We’ve expanded our file offerings in our dummy bind. We now offer Application and Cyber Risk Assessment file types in addition to Quote Summary files.
  • We resolved a bug that was creating a confusing error message when an incorrect claim date is submitted by an applicant.