Connection Intents

Get the required Auth Values for a connection by making a Connection Intent

Every connection requires its own set of authentication values depending on the product you are trying to connect to. Some connections require multiple forms of authentication, and some require none at all. Submitting the correct set of [.h-code]auth_values[.h-code] when making a connection is the only way to give a producer access to quote a product.

To get the list of [.h-code]auth_values[.h-code] required to connect to a certain product, you can either check the Producers Connection Appendix or receive them dynamically by creating a connection intent. A connection intent is, well, what it sounds like- expressing the intent to make a connection for a certain product.

You can create a connection intent using [.h-endpoint-link]/connection_intents[.h-endpoint-link] and including the product you are trying to connect a producer to. The response will include the exact set of [.h-code]auth_values[.h-code] required to make the connection. This response will either include:

  • An array of required [.h-code]auth_values[.h-code], communicating the set of authentication values you need to create a connection
  • An empty [.h-code]auth_values[.h-code] array, communicating that no authentication values are needed to connect to this product.

Similar to our Dynamic Application, you can continuously update the connections intent with the authentication values until the [.h-code]status[.h-code] is complete. Once the status is complete, you can make the connection using [.h-endpoint-link]/connections[.h-endpoint-link].