Learn how to use products to submit applications and get quotes from carriers.

A product refers to a specific type of insurance policy offered by a carrier (also known as an institution) for a single line of business. For instance, the product “Century Insurance Group General Liability” is offered by the carrier “Century” in their "General Liability" product line. Herald offers connections to multiple lines of business across a number of different carriers.

No two insurance products are exactly like, because each carrier has their own risk appetite and strategy. Each product at Herald has a distinct appetite and set of questions, and a unique offering of coverages and limits. Here’s an example of some of the differences you might see from product to product.

  • Carrier A offers General Liability Insurance for caterers, as long as they do not serve alcohol. They offer aggregate limits of $1,000,000 and $2,000,000.
  • Carrier B offers General Liability Insurance, but does not insure caterers. For other industries, they offer aggregate limits of $3,000,000 and $5,000,000.

Depending on which product you are using, you would need to ask different questions in order to check availability. Our full list of questions by product is stored in The Appendix.

Herald developed the Dynamic Application so you don’t need to manage questions and conditionality product to product

Insurance Products at Herald

Each Herald product has a unique [.h-code]product_id[.h-code] that describes the product and looks something like [.h-code]prd_m3qr_herald_general_liability[.h-code]. Products have a direct relationship with producers: products are configured at the producer level, so each producer on your platform has to be given access to a product in order to get quotes. You can read more about setting up producers here.

You can use [.h-endpoint-link]/products[.h-endpoint-link] to get a list of insurance products that a producer has access to using their [.h-code]producer_id[.h-code]. If you have multiple producers on your platform, you can use this API to give an individual producer access to their own approved products to avoid submitting applications that can’t be accepted. The response will give you the following information for each product they have access to.


  "products": [
      "id": "prd_m3qr_herald_general_liability",
      "name": "Herald Insurance Group General Liability",
      "institution_id": "ins_f7js_herald",
      "product_line": "general_liability"
      "id": "prd_tv9r_herald_cyber",
      "name": "Herald Insurance Group Cyber",
      "institution_id": "ins_f7js_herald",
      "product_line": "cyber"

When multiple products can be relevant, Herald uses the [.h-code]products[.h-code] array. If an application has multiple products, the relevant products would be communicated like this:


  "products": [

Getting Access to Products

Using Herald does not qualify a broker to quote and sell every product integrated with our API. Ultimately, the agent or broker using Herald must be appointed by the carrier to use each product. If you already have an appointment with an integrated carrier, you can access them through Herald's API immediately.

Need access to a product? Herald can help! We are always excited to make introductions and support new partnerships between brokers and carriers. [.open-popup]Contact us[.open-popup] to learn how we can help you connect to carriers that matter to you and dramatically accelerate your product development timelines.