Quote Statuses

Learn how the status of a quote progresses

As soon as the submission is created you will be provided a [.h-code]quote_id[.h-code] in the submission response, with every quote beginning at a [.h-code]pending[.h-code] status. This status will persist as we communicate with the institution, eventually moving to:

  • A Successfully Processed Status: Meaning the institution was able to process the submission and make a decision. That decision could be to provide a quote, which Herald calls [.h-code]active[.h-code], or to explicitly decline providing a quote, which Herald calls [.h-code]declined[.h-code]. The decision could also be to perform further review, which would be [.h-code]referral[.h-code] or [.h-code]referred[.h-code].
  • An Unsuccessfully Processed Status: Meaning the institution was not able to process the submission. This could happen for a variety of reasons, such as the institutions API being down, or information not being submitted correctly.


You can check the status of a quote using [.h-code]GET[.h-code] [.h-endpoint-link]/quotes/{quote_id}[.h-endpoint-link]. Quotes can have the following statuses:

Status Description
pending Starting status for all quotes. This status usually means that we are waiting on a response from an institution.
active This quote has a price and is currently valid.
referral Quotes with a referral status require review by an underwriter but are not yet referred. Herald may not receive updates from the carrier as the quote status progresses. You can use the portal_link from the quote response to see the most accurate status provided by the carrier. To learn which products support real-time status updates, reach out to support@heraldapi.com.
referred This quote has been referred to an underwriter.
declined This quote was explicitly declined by the institution from an underwriting perspective.
rejected This quote cannot be provided because some of the information sent to the institution was invalid. Different then declined because the submission was never underwritten.
unsupported This quote is not available through Herald, but not explicitly declined by the institution. This status differs based on the institution, and usually occurs because the quote's industry code is not yet supported by Herald.
unresponsive Quotes from this institution are temporarily unavailable.
expired This quote was, but is no longer relevant. This is usually because the quote expiration date is in the past or an underwriter did not respond.

Checking for Updates

[.icon-circle-blue][.icon-circle-blue] Herald offers webhooks for quotes. You can set up webhooks to receive updates as the quote status progresses.

As stated above, the time it takes for an institution to review a submission and provide a quote can vary depending on the product. After receiving a quote with a [.h-code]pending[.h-code] status, you have to poll [.h-code]GET[.h-code] [.h-endpoint-link]/quotes/{quote_id}[.h-endpoint-link] for updates. Eventually, usually within a few seconds to a few minutes, the quote will progress to a non-pending status.