Action Statuses

Learn how the status of an action progresses

When you submit an action, the information is submitted to the institution. The behavior of submitting an action is different depending on the method you use to complete the action:

  • Submitting Application methods: When you submit an [.h-code]application[.h-code] method, Herald submits the values to the institution. This is similar to what happens when you make a submission, which submits the application to the institution.
  • Submitting Link methods: When you submit a [.h-code]link[.h-code] method, Herald checks with the institution to confirm that the action was completed properly.

In either case, submitting the action begins the process where Herald confirms that the action was completed successfully. During this time, an actions status progresses from [.h-code]open[.h-code] to [.h-code]pending[.h-code], which persists until the institution has made a decision.

Herald communicates that an action was completed and approved by the institution using the [.h-code]accepted[.h-code] status. For some products, this approval process happens at the API level, and the action can progress to [.h-code]accepted[.h-code] quickly (in a matter of seconds). In other cases, this process involves a manual, human review of the information that has been submitted. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days (we know, we’re sorry).

Institutions can also choose to reopen an action, meaning that the information was rejected or incorrect. An example of this would be an action to submit a signed application to the institution, but an incorrect file is submitted (mistakes happen!). While the file is being reviewed, the action would have a status of [.h-code]referred[.h-code] until the mistake is noticed, which would cause the status to change to [.h-code]reopened[.h-code]. This gives you another chance to upload the correct file and submit the action again.


You can check the status of an action using [.h-code]GET[.h-code] [.h-endpoint-link]/actions/{action_id}[.h-endpoint-link]. Actions can have the following statuses:

Status Description
open The action is required, and has not yet been submitted to an institution to review.
pending The status assigned to an action immediately after submitting to the institution. This status usually means that we are waiting on a response from an institution.
referred The action was submitted successfully, and is currently being reviewed by a member of the institution.

After review, the action can progress to accepted (meaning the action is complete!) or reopened (meaning the action is incomplete and needs to be submitted).
reopened The action was reviewed by the institution, but was not accepted. This can happen if the submitted information was incorrect.

Update the information within the action and re-submit to the institution.
accepted This action was accepted!
unresponsive Submitting actions to this institution are temporarily unavailable.

Checking for Updates

[.icon-circle-blue][.icon-circle-blue] Herald will be offering webhooks for action updates soon! To hear more, reach out to

As stated above, the time it takes for an institution to review an action can vary depending on the product. After submitting the action, you have to poll [.h-code]GET[.h-code] [.h-endpoint-link]/actions/{action_id}[.h-endpoint-link] for updates. The initial response will have a [.h-code]pending[.h-code] status as we wait for a response from the institution.

If the information submitted does not require a manual review, the action may progress straight from [.h-code]pending[.h-code] to [.h-code]accepted[.h-code]! If the information does require a review, it will progress from [.h-code]pending[.h-code] to [.h-code]referred[.h-code], which will persist until the reviewal process is complete. If the submitted information was correct, this review should result in an [.h-code]accepted[.h-code] status. However, the institution may re-open the action, meaning it’s been re-assigned to you.