Bind Application Statuses

The statuses of a bind application

Bind applications dynamically provide you all of the parameters required to bind a specific quote. Once you’ve submitted a value for every required parameter, the bind application will have a [.h-code]complete[.h-code] status. Once a bind application's status is complete, you can submit a bind order to the institution to request a policy.


You can check the status of a bind order using [.h-code]GET[.h-code] [.h-endpoint-link]/bind_applications/{bind_application_id}[.h-endpoint-link]. Bind applications can have the following statuses:

Status Description
incomplete The bind application is missing values for some or all of the required parameters.
complete Every required parameter has an acceptable value. The bind application can be submitted to an institution using a bind order.
invalid Every required parameter has a value submitted, but some of the values are no longer valid. For example, let’s say you create a bind application on 2023-10-05, and submit a value of 2023-10-06 (the next day) for effective date. At this time, 2023-10-06 is an acceptable value for effective date because it is in the future. If you try to submit that bind application 10 days later, on 2023-10-15, 2023-10-06 is no longer a valid value because it is in the past.

This is different than an incomplete status because values are not missing, they have become invalid.

Automatic Pre-filling

Unlike the applications submitted to get quotes, a newly created bind application may have a status of [.h-code]complete[.h-code] before submitting any values. This is because Herald offers automatic pre-filling for bind applications. For example, some institutions will provide quotes without an effective date for the policy, meaning the value for effective date is optional in the application. Naturally, effective date becomes required to bind, meaning the value for effective date is required in the bind application.

If you choose to provide the effective date when it is optional, Herald will pre-fill this value in the bind application. For certain products, it is possible to have every required parameter pre-filled in the bind application, meaning the bind application would be complete at the time of creation. Obviously, you can change those pre-filled values when filling out your bind application if you need to.