Retrieve Files for each quote with Herald.

Across the policy lifecycle, carriers can provide different types of files. They may provide quote summaries and cyber risk assessments to accompany a quote and policy documents to accompany a bound policy. The files provided differ based on the carrier and line of business.

We want to make the files available to you because these files can contain additional information not available via API. Some examples include: sample policy documents, a more detailed list of a policies endorsements/coverages, marketing materials, signatures, etc.

Files at Herald

Herald has integrated with carriers’ APIs to make their files accessible to you. When a carrier provides the Quote Summary document, Herald passes this file to you in the files array of the [.h-endpoint-link]/quotes[.h-endpoint-link] endpoint.

Files are provided by carriers, but then stored/hosted by Herald. This means that you can access the Quote Summary Document directly through Herald’s API without logging in to carriers’ portal to access file information.

Using our [.h-endpoint-link]/files[.h-endpoint-link] endpoints, you can get the details of a file (file metadata), and get the physical contents of a file.