Digital infrastructure for commercial insurance

for commercial insurance

Quote and bind insurance from multiple carriers through a single API

The gold-colored logo for Markel Insurance CompanyThe logo for At-Bay, a cyber insurance provider. Logo is lowercase black text with a blue underline beneath "at"
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The gold-colored logo for Markel Insurance CompanyAn uppercase "C-N-A" in red text, the logo for CNA Financial Corporation, the parent of Continental Casualty Company
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For distributors

Integrate carriers in minutes, not months

Get to market faster with a single API that connects to the world’s top carriers. Herald powers brokerages, SaaS platforms, and embedded insurance experiences.

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The world’s top carriers

Connect to over sixty commercial insurance products from your top carriers.

Your lines of business

Get quotes across multiple lines of business including GL, Workers’ Comp, BOP, Cyber, Tech E&O, Professional Liability, Management Liability, and more.

The fastest-improving platform

We move fast to add carriers, lines of business, and new features. We publish a changelog every two weeks to prove it.

For developers

The easiest API in commercial insurance

We define the right abstractions and provide simple, comprehensive API documentation. Spend less time in integration meetings and more time building great broker and customer experiences.

OpenAPI 3.1
Metadata support
Interactive examples
Helpful error messages
Quickstart guide
Slack-based support
Sandbox environment
Bi-weekly changelog
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For Carriers

Connect to the digital
insurance ecosystem

Herald is the easiest way to connect to sources of digital distribution. We help you attract new partners and gain deep insights into the digital distribution ecosystem.

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Simplify partner management

Add new partners without lengthy integration and QA processes.

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Unlock distribution channels

Grow in channels you don’t currently serve while controlling who has access to your products.

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Focus on growth

Stop worrying about integrations and focus on your top priorities for growth.

Frequently Asked

We frequently get asked the following questions.
Feel free to reach out to us at if you want to learn more!

Why are you building Herald?

We want to help insurance carriers and their distribution partners build amazing experiences for businesses buying insurance. Our infrastructure helps carriers and their partners use technology to improve how they serve their customers.

As a carrier, can I control who can see my quotes?

Yes. Carriers still control the relationship with their distribution partners. You always know where business comes from, control the appointment process, and decide who gets access.

Are you a digital brokerage?

No. We don’t give risk advice or negotiate with carriers over terms and coverage. Distributors maintain their relationships with the carriers they connect to through Herald.

Are you a comparative rater?

No. We don’t sell workflow solutions to brokers (although some of our partners do). We provide an API for developers to connect their technology to the insurance ecosystem.

Are you a carrier or MGA?

No. We don’t sell our own insurance products. We help carriers and MGAs reach more customers and brokers with their products online.

Top insurance and technology investors

Along with industry leaders from

What used to take our team months to build now only takes a couple of hours. My team spends less time on integrations and more time building great broker experiences.”

Cristian Joe  

We are excited to be one of Herald's early carrier partners and enjoy working with their team. Their platform provides a simple way for us to connect with multiple innovative insurance solutions that our broker partners use today or may use in the future.”

Jeff Ritchie  
Director of Business Development
— Alternative Distribution, Markel

I quickly hit the ground running and loved working with Herald’s API. They’ve hidden the nuances of integrations across various carriers and provide development resources that are easy to understand.”

Nick Fox
Software Engineer, BindHQ

I put every renewal through the rater powered by Herald. It's so easy to get and compare multiple General Liability quotes that I sometimes think I'm doing something wrong!”

Allison Milton
Underwriter, Scottish American