Herald Changelog

The latest updates at Herald.

Nov 1, 2023
Cyber +1 and Details in Quote Response

Live in Sandbox

We integrated with one new Cyber integration which is available for testing, brining our total to 11 Cyber products. The integration will be go live ready very soon!

We added the following information to our quote responses:

  • [.h-code]insurers[.h-code] array, which includes the [.h-code]naic_code[.h-code], [.h-code]name[.h-code], and [.h-code]quota_share[.h-code]. Where applicable we will now return multiple insurers and naic codes in the response.
  • details on the [.h-code]product[.h-code] such as [.h-code]name[.h-code], [.h-code]product_line[.h-code], and [.h-code]institution[.h-code].
  • details on the [.h-code]risk_values[.h-code] and [.h-code]admin_values[.h-code], adding to the existing information of [.h-code]coverage_values[.h-code].

The timeline for releasing the API updates to Production as well as additional details are available on the Release Notes page.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Calls to the /files endpoint will correctly return an [.h-code]available[.h-code] status for Herald Products, which were previously returning [.h-code]unresponsive[.h-code].
  • Price details now separate [.h-code]premium[.h-code] and [.h-code]TRIA[.h-code] when available from the Carrier.
  • Updated the portal link for one Carrier in the quote response, enabling Applicants to get see quote details for the Carrier.
  • Made improvements to a Cyber integration, significantly reducing error rate.
  • Updated logic and information for 8 risk parameters.
  • Fixed re-rate logic for 1 MPL (Miscellaneous Professional Liability) product.
  • Improved error messaging for Bind.
  • Updated one Carrier integration in coordination with the Carrier’s API update, minimizing customer impact.