Herald Changelog

The latest updates at Herald.

The changes below are Herald additions and updates that are backwards compatible. In the event of a change that may affect your integration with Herald, you'll be contacted in advance to ensure you have sufficient time to adjust. Read more in our guide to High Impact Changes at Herald.
Jun 10, 2024

New Products & Features

Herald launched 2 new integrations, including 1 new Cyber Product (bringing our total supported Cyber Products to 15) and 1 new Miscellaneous Professional Liability Product (bringing our total supported Miscellaneous Professional Liability Products to 7).

We also added API support for additional Management Liability coverages: Fiduciary Liability, Crime, and Kidnap & Ransom, which, in addition to Director and Officers Liability and Employment Practices Liability, completes our Management Liability coverage suite.

Herald’s Cyber Quoting Got Faster

Cyber products were enhanced to process files separately from the rest of the quote. This delivers quotes significantly faster (sometimes up to 2 minutes), with the same files. This change also allowed Herald to scale our quote processing more effectively to meet client demand.

We also began rolling out this new quote processor to other products through a new process for managing High Impact Changes.

We Made Herald Error Messages More Readable

Previous error messages on Herald applications required developers to count parameters to find and error. We adopted a new pattern for this message that emphasizes human readability, for example, [.h-code]"For parameter rsk_14kt_insured_contact_phone, value length must be 10 characters long."[.h-code]

Mar 28, 2024

Developer Portal

In August of 2022, we released the Herald Request Builder (HeRB), a fully interactive demo of our application, submission, and quote endpoints.

Now we’ve released a Developer Portal with full User Management, allowing customers to add members of their company to integrate with Herald and monitor activity across all environments. Any Herald customer has access to these features, accessible at dashboard.heraldapi.com.

These features include:

  • User Management: Every customer can assign admins and team members. Admins can add and remove users to their account.
  • Testing: You can create applications, submissions, and quotes in a friendly-UI in your Sandbox environment. This can help you get familiar with the appetite, question set, quote details, and more. Clone your quotes to make changes and re-submit for de-bugging.
  • Quote Activity: Every quote you create via Herald’s API, across all environments, is accessible in your Quotes page. You can filter to see quotes by producer, state, class code, and more. Click into any quote to see the full quote details, like the price, provided files, and submitted application for the the quote!

As you expected, all of these features are built on top of Herald’s API! As you expected, all of these features are built on top of Herald’s API! See all of the Developer Portal features.

Expanded Coverage Parts for Management Liability

In August of last year, we released the first two coverage components, D&O (Directors & Officers) and EPL (Employment Practices Liability), across 5 Management Liability carriers.  We are excited to announce we now support the remaining coverage parts, Fiduciary Liability, Crime, and Kidnap & Ransom, for our integrated carriers offering these coverage components.  Look our for additional integrated Management Liability carriers including Bind in the near future!

Features and Improvements

  • We enhanced our data cleaning to include translations for certain Unicode characters that may cause errors, such as [.h-code]”[.h-code] (Right double quotation mark) to [.h-code]"[.h-code] (Quotation mark).
  • We deprecated risk parameter [.h-code]rsk_mfmh_fills_propane_tanks[.h-code], and now collect that information on a different risk parameter to minimize the question set for certain Class Codes.
  • We migrated to a new Institution-API for one of our BOP products.
  • We now support a re-rating for Cyber Products that require underwriters review.
  • We now support submitting multiple domain addresses for certain Cyber Products.
  • We reduced the question set for certain Cyber Products by removing 10 risk parameters.

Feb 20, 2024

New BOP Product

To maintain connectivity for one BOP product, we coordinated with the institution and migrated to a new version.

New Price Details Schema

We released an new Price Details section in our quote and policy response. We now organize insurance costs into categories, making it easier to anticipate and handle different costs.

Flexible Submission

We created a header that enables flexibility with the Static Application. Flexible Submissions allows you to use our POST/submissions endpoint while making required updates to your static application questions. Without Flexible Submissions, you cannot get quotes until you have 100% of the required questions answered in your submission.

Cyber Quote Processing Improvements

We improved quote processing speed for all cyber products. The changes are available to test in Sandbox.

Cyber Product Improvements

  • Added 15+ new status mappings for [.h-code]declined[.h-code] and [.h-code]referral[.h-code] statuses across multiple product.
  • Amendatory Endorsements now available for four products.
  • Added 5 optional questions to one product.
  • Updated [.h-code]text[.h-code] for [.h-code]select_many[.h-code] questions for a better user experience.
  • Changed auth values from the platform level to the distributor level for one product.
  • Added insurers for two products.
  • Added underwriting contact for one product.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Policy Specimen now returned for another product with the files endpoint.
Jan 9, 2024

Herald Set a Testing Period for High Impact Changes

From January 17th until February 14th new features we built will be in our Sandbox Enviornment for clients to test and troubleshoot. On February 14th we will release these new changes to Production. Details about the changes we made are below

  1. We deprecated redundant quote key value pairs. We wrote a detailed summary here.
  2. We made Cyber Quotes Faster by processing files separately from quotes. For Cyber products only active quotes will contain files whose status is processing. Eventually all of our products will follow this pattern but Cyber is the first.
  3. Two of our products have expanded appetite and feature availability. These products will offer coverage to more businesses but will also ask more questions. Starting January 17th you can access the new questions by using our application endpoint or checking the appendix.

Quotes Got More Dynamic

Some of our quotes can now advance from the referral or referred quote status to active (read more about status types here). We have consumed more carrier webhooks, which allows us to give more quotes status updates.

New Cyber Products

This week we launched 2 new Cyber Products (bringing our total supported Cyber Products to 16)

We Made Date Validation Easier

We launched min and max dates across our API allowing you only to accept valid dates on your front-end. Here’s an example of a our new min max dates:


    "coverage_parameter_id": "cvg_48oo_gl_effective_date",
    "value": null,
    "section": "Coverages",
    "parameter_text": {
        "applicant_facing_text": "General Liability Effective Date",
        "agent_facing_text": "General Liability Effective Date"
    "input_type": "date",
    "schema": {
        "type": "string",
        "format": "date",
        "title": "General Liability Effective Date",
        "min_date": "2023-11-11",
        "max_date": "2024-06-10"

Bug Fixes

  • Early exit quotes now return a full set of parameters (perviously they were returning blank values). Learn more about quote exits here.
  • We did some new year’s housecleaning on our applications and changed a question from required to optional to stay in sync with our carriers.