Herald Changelog

The latest updates at Herald.

Feb 20, 2024
Out with the Old & In with the New

New BOP Product

To maintain connectivity for one BOP product, we coordinated with the institution and migrated to a new version.

New Price Details Schema

We released an new Price Details section in our quote and policy response. We now organize insurance costs into categories, making it easier to anticipate and handle different costs.

Flexible Submission

We created a header that enables flexibility with the Static Application. Flexible Submissions allows you to use our POST/submissions endpoint while making required updates to your static application questions. Without Flexible Submissions, you cannot get quotes until you have 100% of the required questions answered in your submission.

Cyber Quote Processing Improvements

We improved quote processing speed for all cyber products. The changes are available to test in Sandbox.

Cyber Product Improvements

  • Added 15+ new status mappings for [.h-code]declined[.h-code] and [.h-code]referral[.h-code] statuses across multiple product.
  • Amendatory Endorsements now available for four products.
  • Added 5 optional questions to one product.
  • Updated [.h-code]text[.h-code] for [.h-code]select_many[.h-code] questions for a better user experience.
  • Changed auth values from the platform level to the distributor level for one product.
  • Added insurers for two products.
  • Added underwriting contact for one product.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Policy Specimen now returned for another product with the files endpoint.