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Herald Request Builder (HeRB)

An interactive demonstration of our dynamic application with real-time API requests.

This is a brand new tool! If you are a Herald customer, you can use your Sandbox Token to use HeRB. Please keep in mind that it is in Beta, and feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions at

The Herald Request Builder is a fully interactive demo of our application, submission, and quote endpoints. Each step has a front-end editor and JSON payload, all pulling from our APIs sandbox environment in real time.

Get familiar with our API and learn how to build real requests. With your sandbox auth token, you'll have access to all of your producers and products, with the ability to create real sandbox applications, demo real-time conditionality of risk and coverage parameters, retrieve test quotes, and so much more.

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Al Horford
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PUT /applications/{application_id}

  "risk_parameter_id": "rsk_1rdc_home_state",
  "value": null,
  "text": "Home state",
  "input_type": "select_one",
  "affects_conditions": true,
  "risk_parameter_id": "rsk_m4p9_insured_name",
  "value": "Al Horford",
  "text": "Insured name",
  "input_type": "short_text",
  "affects_conditions": false,

The Herald Request Builder covers:

  • Selecting producers to configure product access
  • Creating a Dynamic Application with products.
  • Updating an application to reach a complete status.
  • Submitting a completed application.
  • Getting quotes from carriers.
  • And more!
HeRB was designed to demo the core concepts of our API, not suggest how to design your front-end. When building your front-end, we recommend getting creative! Our API empowers you to make a great experience for your users, but we're always happy to join in the brainstorming process.

Don't have access? Contact us for a demo!