Introduction to Herald👋

Herald builds the API for commercial insurance.

Herald connects you to multiple carriers through a single API. Our Guides will teach you about our core concepts and walk you through everything needed to get quotes from carriers. You can also access our Quickstart Guide and API reference in our reference documentation.

The guide to authenticating is in our API Reference.

How it works

To set up with Herald, you need to authenticate your platform and add producers. Each producer has to be connected to individual products.

Once you're set up, you can create applications. Applications are specific to a product (or set of products) and the set of information a carrier requires to get a quote for that product. Once every question has been answered, you'll have a complete application that you can submit to carriers. A submission requires the completed application, and an associated producer that has access to those products. Making a submission sends the application to each carrier to create a quote, and provides you with an ID for each product. Finally, you can get a quote for each individual product.

Setting Up
1 Set up and authenticate your platform.
2 Create a distributor and a producer.
3 Connect the producer to the insurance products they should have access to.
Getting Quotes
4 Create an application for a set of products using /applications. Submit values for each relevant question (risk and coverage values) until the application is complete.
5 Submit the application to carriers using /submissions to create quotes for each product.
6 Get quote details for each quote using /quote/:id or webhooks.