November 21, 2022

MPL and Files

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.


This week we launched Miscellaneous Professional Liability (MPL), a new line of business, with 2 new products. These integrations bring our total number of supported products up to 25 across 7 lines of business.


There are many different types of files that carriers provide with their quotes. We are excited to announce that Herald has now made those files accessible via our API.

When a quote has corresponding files available, we now include details on those files in the quote response. This information is accessible in the [.h-code]files[.h-code] array, which contains a [.h-code]file_id[.h-code] to access the file and some relevant metadata for the file.

Customers can use these [.h-code]file_id[.h-code]‘s to:

  • Access the full metadata available for the file using [.h-endpoint-link] /files/:id[.h-endpoint-link], such as the file’s [.h-code]size[.h-code], [.h-code]format[.h-code], and [.h-code]type[.h-code].
  • Get a temporary link to stream the content of the file using [.h-endpoint-link] /files/:file_id/get_temporary_link[.h-endpoint-link].

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added quote expiry, so after 60 days all Herald quotes will have an expired status, regardless of the original status returned for the quote.
  • Implemented automated testing to help detect carrier changes that cause quote requests to fail.
  • Added support for 2 NAICS industries across all integrations.
  • Updated API validation to return the minimum and maximum allowed values and input types for risk parameters where this was previously missing.