May 24, 2023

Bind 2.0 Has Launched (Beta)

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Bind 2.0 has launched (beta)!

For a little while now, we’ve been re-working our endpoint for binding policies across carriers. We wanted to launch a more robust bind endpoint that accounted for the wide array of scenarios we’ve encountered across the dozens of carriers we work with. For example, to bind, carriers may require:

  • Signed applications
  • Payments
  • Uploading files
  • Responding to contingencies
  • Responding to requests for more information
  • Completing tasks outside an API (e.g., in a carrier portal)

Using our new bind endpoints, our users follow a flow similar to our Quote flow. To bind, users:

  • Create a Bind Application to collect all the values a given carrier needs to bind (these vary widely based on each carrier and their product, because nothing is every straightforward in insurance!)
  • Send a Bind Order to request to bind a quote
  • Get a Policy if a Bind Order is accepted by a carrier.

Our new Bind flow is still in beta. You can check it out in detail on our “herald-cyber” test product in our Sandbox environment. We welcome your feedback! We’ll be rolling our our detailed documentation and bind integrations for all of our carriers (where available) on an ongoing basis, so keep an eye out!

Increased information passed to carriers for referrals

When an applicant gets a referred quote from Herald, we tell them it has been ‘referred’. This means the applicant (or broker) will need to follow up with an underwriter to receive quotes.

For some carriers, we added more information to what Herald passes to underwriters for these ‘referred’ quotes. This means the underwriter has a more holistic view of the account and increases the speed in which applicants obtain responses back about their requested coverage.

Fixes and improvements

  • We’ve added the capability to receive Cyber Risk Assessments PDFs via API available to customers for some Cyber products. This is the 3rd file type that Herald supports. All these files can be accessed using the [.h-endpoint-link] /files[.h-endpoint-link] endpoint.
  • We’ve fixed a bug in which for some products the producer referral flow was showing as active but should have been shown as referred.

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