February 20, 2023

Dynamic Application Updates

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Updates to the dynamic application API

We released a handful of new features to our dynamic application endpoint. All of these features support building a more structured, cohesive application-filling experience.

  1. Ordering: Across our insurance products we have mapped nearly 1,000 (deduplicated) questions, in the form of risk and coverage parameters, that may need to be submitted on an application. We recently made changes to improve the order in which we organize these parameters. We improved this order based on industry standards, the intent of the parameter, and a number of other factors. Learn more about our approach to ordering by reading the docs and our appendix.
  2. Sections: In addition to establishing the order in which we return parameters, we have also categorized each parameter into an individual [.h-code]section[.h-code]. Every parameter now belongs to a [.h-code]section[.h-code] such as Basic Information (for parameters such as Name and Email), or Risk Information (for parameters specific to the applicant’s risks). A [.h-code]section[.h-code] is provided for each risk and coverage parameter in both the application response and the appendix. Read more about sections here.
  3. Currency: We have added [.h-code]currency[.h-code] as a new input type. This input type allows you to add unique styling to parameters that expect a currency.

New Cyber Product

This week we integrated a new Admitted Cyber product. This integrations bring us to a total of 31 supported products, including 8 Cyber products.

Fixes and Improvements

  • We added a special kind of validation to our risk parameter for industry classification to confirm that the value submitted is a valid Herald Index Entry code.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented users from making GET /producers requests when using [.h-code]external_id[.h-code] as a query parameter.
  • We deprecated the [.h-code]text[.h-code] property in our application response, which was previously replaced with the [.h-code]parameter_text[.h-code] object that includes agent-facing and applicant-facing text.
  • We expanded our [.h-endpoint-link]/classifications[.h-endpoint-link] endpoint to support querying to multiple 2017 NAICS codes at once.