May 10, 2023

Another MPL Integration and Knockout Logic

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Another MPL product

We’ve recently added 1 new Miscellaneous Professional Liability product (MPL), bringing our number of MPL products to 5.

Knockout Logic

Sometimes a user filling out an application answers a question that will immediately disqualify them from receiving a quote from a certain carrier. For example, if a carrier only offers policies to businesses with revenue under a certain threshold, any applicant with revenue over that threshold will be disqualified, regardless of how they answer any other application questions.

We refer to these questions as ‘knockout questions’. It is helpful to know which questions have this impact, as the user can then stop filling out the rest of the application (or at least the questions on the application relevant to product for which they’ve been knocked out).

We’ve now exposed this information, which we call ‘knockout logic’ in our /applications service, and now communicate if an applicant has been knocked out and for which products.

We show this as an error message that returns in the early exits object. Customers have the option of exposing the message to applicants as well.

  • Example message: “The quote is declined because the total gross sales exceed the permitted maximum.”

For certain products, we currently knockout based on:

  • Revenue
  • Industry

Fixes and Improvements

  • We’ve made applications PDFs via API available to customers, in addition to the other files already offered (e.g., Quote Letter). These can be accessed using the [.h-endpoint-link] /files[.h-endpoint-link] endpoint.
  • We’ve expanded the prices array in the quote object. We’ve added additional detail, breaking out the fees included in the premium.