Bind Order Statuses

Learn how the status of a bind order progresses

When you create a bind order, the bind application is submitted to the institution to request a policy. This request starts a process that can vary depending on the product you are trying to bind. Every bind order is initially given a [.h-code]pending[.h-code] status, which persists until the institution has made a decision.

Herald communicates that a policy was created successfully using the [.h-code]accepted[.h-code] status. For some products, this approval process happens at the API level, and the bind order can progress to [.h-code]accepted[.h-code] quickly (in a matter of seconds). In other cases, this process involves a manual, human review of the bind application. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days (we know, we’re sorry). Institutions can also choose to reject the request, making the decision to not provide a policy. If this happens, the bind order will have a [.h-code]rejected[.h-code] status as well as status details to explain the reason for the rejection.


[.icon-alert][.icon-alert] Bind order statuses do not communicate the status of a policy. The bind order status communicates an institutions decision at a point in time. An [.h-code]accepted[.h-code] status communicates that the institution reviewed the bind application and provided a policy, but does not track if the policy expired or has been cancelled.

You can check the status of a bind order using [.h-code]GET[.h-code] [.h-endpoint-link]/bind_orders/{bind_order_id}[.h-endpoint-link]. Bind orders can have the following statuses:

Status Description
pending Starting status for all bind orders. This status usually means that we are waiting on a response from an institution.
accepted This bind order was accepted and a policy was created! The response will include the id of the policy to get more details.
rejected This bind order was explicitly rejected by the institution, and a policy will not be provided.
unresponsive Bind orders from this institution are temporarily unavailable.

Checking for Updates

[.icon-circle-blue][.icon-circle-blue] Herald will be offering webhooks for bind order status updates soon! To hear more, reach out to

As stated above, the time it takes for an institution to review a bind application and provide a policy can vary depending on the product. After receiving a bind order with a [.h-code]pending[.h-code] status, you have to poll [.h-code]GET[.h-code] [.h-endpoint-link]/bind_orders/{bind_order_id}[.h-endpoint-link] for updates. Eventually the bind order will progress to a terminal status of either [.h-code]accepted[.h-code] or [.h-code]rejected[.h-code].

Hopefully, the institution creates a policy, and the bind order will progress to an [.h-code]accepted[.h-code] status. You can get the details of the policy using [.h-code]GET[.h-code] [.h-endpoint-link]/policies[.h-endpoint-link]