December 5, 2022

Demo Products and New API Integrations

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Demo Products

In November 2021 we introduced a demo surplus lines General Liability product that allows developers to explore Herald's API prior to getting carrier approvals for (real) products. This week we launched 3 new demo products to give developers access to more API functionality that they will encounter for multi-product submissions across different lines of business.

These products will have all of the same functionality and features that are available for real carrier products. The features below weren't previously available for Herald's demo products:

  • The [.h-endpoint-link]/files[.h-endpoint-link] endpoint announced last week allows customers to generate mock files for each product.
  • The new demo product appendix will contain information only relevant to the Herald demo products.
  • Customers can use the [.h-endpoint-link]/classifications[.h-endpoint-link] endpoint to search for industries and NAICS codes.

Three New Products

This week we launched 1 new line of business (Tech E&O) and 2 new Miscellaneous Professional Liability (MPL) products. These integrations bring our total number of supported products up to 28 across 8 lines of business.

Our current Tech E&O integration is an admitted product that is bundled with Cyber insurance. Future integrations will offer Tech E&O as a standalone product.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added missing input validations to the Herald Appendix and the [.h-endpoint-link]/applications[.h-endpoint-link] endpoint.
  • Fixed a bug where we were incorrectly returning an [.h-code]unresponsive[.h-code] status for certain class codes.
  • Updated the name of the Herald General Liability product which can be found in the [.h-endpoint-link]/products[.h-endpoint-link] endpoint.