November 5, 2021

A new toy in the sandbox

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Encouraging developers to play around

We want to make it easy for developers to explore our API and see how easy connecting to insurance carriers can be with Herald. At the same time, we make sure our carrier partners’ products are only accessible to developers at approved distribution partners. This restriction has meant that developers who are curious about Herald have needed to wait for carrier approvals before they can start playing around.

This release, we launched a fake carrier called “Herald” that new developers can use to explore our API before they get explicit approval from any of our (very real) carrier partners.

Fixes and improvements

In addition to improving our ability to onboard new developers, we also added additional features and improved the performance of our API. Here are the latest fixes and improvements:

  • We added support for Trucking class codes in our General Liability product line
  • We updated our internal alerts to flag when requests are made on behalf of producers who don’t have access to any products in a submission. These alerts will help us improve our customer support and maximize the number of quotes our distribution partners receive.
  • We fixed a bug where in some instances limits were returned as a string rather than an integer.
  • We updated the names of some risk parameters to improve clarity. For instance, we updated the parameter for the name of an individual at the insured who should be contacted about the policy from “insured name” to “insured contact name.”
  • We improved the “data coercion” for the General Liability Products and Completed Operations Limit so that applicants receive the closest possible policy to the one they requested.