October 11, 2022

The Classifications API

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

The Classifications API

We’ve already simplified the process to classify an applicant with Herald Codes. This week we took it a step further by releasing our [.h-endpoint-link]/classifications[.h-endpoint-link] endpoint.

The classifications API allows customers to get classifications to classify an applicant. Each classification includes the Herald Code needed to classify the applicant with Herald, along with the description and 6-Digit code defined by NAICS.


    "id": "j8de53",
    "description": "Law firms",
    "naics_2017_6_digit": "541110",
    "naics_2017_6_digit_description": "Offices of Lawyers"

This endpoint supports a [.h-code]search[.h-code] query, enabling our customers to build front-end industry search to classify applicants easily. Search results are powered by Elasticsearch, enabling fuzzy search and prioritizing results based on a number of factors. Learn more about the classifications API here.

Data Cleaning

We’ve introduced Data Cleaning for values that are commonly formatted incorrectly. Herald has pre-defined formatting requirements for values like Email, Phone Number, and Domain. Previously, submitting a value with the incorrect format would throw a [.h-code]400[.h-code] error.

With our Data Cleaning feature, Herald correctly maps these values to the correct format instead of throwing an error. For example, Herald requires [.h-code]phone_number[.h-code] to be 10-digits with no special characters. Submitting a phone number in the format “(123) 456-7890” will now be reformatted to “1234567890” automatically to prevent throwing errors and building validation on your own.

What’s not new: Herald still reformats these values when submitting to an individual carrier, to each carriers expected format.

Features and Improvements

  • Added a [.h-code]conditional_on[.h-code] property to the Dynamic Application to show which parameter triggered the conditional parameter.
  • We now default the cyber retroactive date for certain carriers to the year 1970 to always request Full Prior Acts coverage.
  • We launched a prefill feature for the Herald Request Builder to streamline testing. This feature prefills the application with default values to quickly complete applications.
  • Updated cyber status messages to offer enhanced messages for quotes that are active, declined, and expired.
  • Enhanced Cyber products to accommodate a broader range of coverage limit requests.