September 23, 2022

Two More API Integrations

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Sorry for a bit of a delay, our last changelog was held up by our preparation for for Insuretech Connect (ITC) in Las Vegas. We apologized for being late last year for the same reason, but as always ITC was worth it. Despite the event prep, we still launched two new carrier API integrations since our last update.

Two New Products

We launched two new insurance products this week: one BOP (Business Owners Policy) and one General Liability. These integrations bring us to a total of 22 supported products, including 7 supported General Liability products and 5 supported BOP products.

Dynamic Application Updates

We updated our dynamic application endpoint ([.h-code]/applications[.h-code]) after receiving some feedback from our customers:

  1. Submitting multiple instances of risk parameters: Previously, we included two instances of any risk parameter with the quality of creates_array: true, to represent that one instance was required (such as an applicant’s first location), and the next marginal instance was optional (such as an applicant’s second location, if applicable). Our developers gave us the feedback that the optional instance was more confusing than helpful. We now include only 1 instance of each parameter that can have multiple values. You can create additional instances, such as a second location for an applicant, by following the steps in our guide to creating instances.
  2. Ordering of Conditional Questions: Previously, we inserted conditional questions in the middle of the application as they became relevant, making them difficult for developers to find. We now group conditional questions at the bottom of the application.
  3. Relationships of Buildings and Coverages: Building coverages are now conditional on individual building risk parameters. Submitting a building for an applicant of [.h-code]building_1[.h-code] returns a conditional group of coverages for [.h-code]building_1[.h-code]. Previously, these values had to be submitted at the same time, which made our dynamic application difficult to render in real time as users filled out the application form. Read more in our guide to using risk-specific coverages.

Features and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where submitting 2 claims for the same amount would throw a [.h-code]400[.h-code] error.
  • Added early decline logic for Cyber quotes for specific states that are out of appetite for certain products.
  • Added the ability to edit products on an application when using the Herald Request Builder (HeRB).
  • Introduced persistent login and page navigation to the Herald Request Builder (HeRB).
  • Updated the quote response for certain Cyber products to include a portal link.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing irrelevant [.h-code]coverage_parameters[.h-code] to be included in the quote response.
  • Implemented new status messages for Cyber quotes.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed submissions with property deductibles greater than the property coverage limit.
  • Allowed [.h-code]null[.h-code] values for optional parameters when making a submission.
  • Created a check to make sure General Aggregate Limits are at least 2x the Occurrence Limit. If it is not, we default the General Aggregate Limit to 2x the desired Occurrence Limit for certain carriers.