May 31, 2023

Bind 2.0 with CFC, Another BOP Product, and Account Linking

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Bind 2.0 with CFC!

In our last changelog, we announced that we launched an updated version of our bind endpoints (Bind 2.0) in Beta. This week we’re excited to announce Bind 2.0 functionality is now live with CFC for their Cyber and Tech E&O products. We’ve also included a few new bind features:

  • Pre-fill from the application: When starting the Bind process with Herald, we now automatically pull in the relevant date if it was provided at the quote stage, for example a desired effective date. If the data is invalid — such as if the effective date becomes out of a carrier’s range — we allow the user to update that information.
  • Invalid status for expired quotes: A user attempting to bind an expired quote will receive an error message indicating that the quote is expired and cannot be bound.
  • Policy Files: Users can use Herald’s Policies endpoint to retrieve various files provided by carriers post-bind such as the Dec Page, Policy, and Endorsements.

Stay tuned as we continue to roll out documentation and add new carriers and products to bind 2.0!

Another BOP product

We’ve recently added 1 new Business Owners Policy (BOP) product, bringing our number of BOP products to 7.

Account linking

When generating quotes via API, some carriers will provide an account_ID which can be used to associate future submissions and quotes with the same applicant/insured. Herald now captures these account_ids (at times called company_ids, company_code, account_number, etc…) and automatically applies it to future submissions that users send. We will expand this functionality to additional carriers as they make it available.

Now, as a result, users who log into carrier portals where this functionality is in place will see multiple submissions and quotes grouped together.

Fixes and improvements

  • We updated a cyber product to reflect changes in carrier required questions.
  • Carriers often require producers to authenticate with their API via email. Under various scenarios, a single producer may use different emails with different carriers. Herald now allows a single producer to specify a specific email for any given carrier with which they are establishing a connection.