June 13, 2023

Static Bind Orders and Carrier Question Updates

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Static Bind Orders

We’ve made another improvement to Bind 2.0! In our Bind 2.0 flow, users gather information in a Bind Application (just like an Application to quote). We call this a ‘dynamic’ flow as the Bind Application will update when new information is required, based on any conditional logic in the application. Users then submit a complete Bind Application to a carrier with a Bind Order.

In our initial release, users were required to create a Bind Application and to use the ‘dynamic’ flow. We’ve now added the option to use a ‘static’ flow in which users can submit values directly to a Bind Order, bypassing the Bind Application. This again parallels the two options users have for sending submissions to Herald. We still validate that all of the information required by a carrier present.

Carrier Question Updates

Two carriers recently changed their underwriting question set: Arch and Coalition. For Arch, we now support new questions which are backward compatible with the old ones. For Coalition, we support changes that were also required for their partners. For users of Herald’s dynamic application, all of these changes take place automatically and no additional work is required from our partners to implement the new questions.

Fixes and improvements

  • We resolved a bug where a specific coverage value was being mapped to a response  incorrectly