August 11, 2021

A digital insurance switchboard

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

A digital insurance switchboard

This week we released the first instance of what we call data coercion, which makes submitting one insurance application to multiple carriers smoother for developers.

In the past, Herald relied on default values for each carrier’s coverage parameters to ensure that every carrier could provide a quote. With data coercion, developers can submit one desired set of coverage parameters and receive the closest acceptable value for each parameter from each carrier. Our developers can now focus on gathering information about the coverage their users want without worrying about the coverage limit rules for every carrier. We will be migrating more and more coverage parameters from default values to coerced values over time.

Fixes and Improvements

Beyond this work, we made a few other updates. Here’s what we included in this release:

  • We added a risk parameter for Coterie related to previous losses that pre-fills a field required to bind in Coterie’s portal.
  • We added the deductible coverage parameter for Coterie in anticipation of further data coercion.
  • We expanded the permissiveness of our effective date field to allow for backdating for those carriers who allow it.
  • We added foundational groundwork for managing producers at scale.
  • We addressed an error that occurred when sending a zip code that does not exist.