July 28, 2021

Four? Score!

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Carrier #4

We launched our fourth General Liability product with a new carrier to Herald: Coterie. Just like the three carriers we integrated previously, our customers can now generate quotes from their demo environment. They’ll get real data, but not real quotes quite yet.

Fixes and Improvements

Beyond the Coterie integration, we focused on two major themes for this release: enabling flexibility and improving stability. Here’s what we included in this release:

  • We added a Coterie example to our API documentation.
  • We added Coterie details to the appendix within our API documentation.
  • We expanded the minimum and maximum valid effective dates to match the breadth that our carrier partners offer.
  • We added in support for a certain difficult class of General Liability exposures.
  • We laid the foundation for allowing customers to customize the policy values they request within a submission. We will release this feature in full when it’s ready for all carriers.
  • We laid the foundation for coercing the requested policy values within a submission to the nearest acceptable value for each carrier. We will release this feature when it’s ready for all carriers.
  • We removed an underwriting question that we erroneously believed was required for one of our carriers.
  • We integrated Sentry to alert us of unexpected outages and errors so that we can improve the stability of our API over time.
  • We made sure that our API returned JSON fields in a standard order across all endpoints.
  • We updated our website so that it is obvious how you should contact us.