June 30, 2021

Third time's the charm

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Carrier #3

We launched our third General Liability product with a new carrier to Herald: Markel. Just like Atlantic Casualty two weeks ago, and Century two weeks before that, our customers can now generate quotes from their demo environment. They’ll get real data, but not real quotes quite yet.

Fixes and improvements

Beyond adding our third carrier we made a few fixes and improvements:

  • We fixed a bug that created duplicate quotes when you duplicate the product ID in the submission. Product IDs must now be unique.
  • We improved our error handling for duplicate coverage and risk parameters.
  • Invalid dates (like June 31st) now cause an error instead of generating quote status “unresponsive.”
  • We fixed a timezone issue that was causing quotes to get blocked in the late hours of Pacific time.