May 31, 2022

Our sixth General Liability product

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Six GL Products

Sorry this is a bit late. Last week, over three thousand leaders gathered in New York City at an Insurtech Insights event and Yours Truly was one of them. Still, we’re happy to announce that Herald now supports six General Liability products. This newest integration brings our total number of supported products up to fifteen and marks the sixth new product we’ve launched in the last eight weeks.

Updates to our dynamic application

Developers can send in an array of products to our dynamic application endpoint (/applications) and receive a list of questions required to get quotes. Over the last two weeks we updated this endpoint to make it easier to use in three main ways:

  • We now set the “value” property of unanswered questions to “null” instead of omitting that property entirely. This helps developers identify unanswered questions both visually (e.g., in Postman) and programmatically.
  • Certain questions ask you to submit an array of equivalent values. For example, imagine a question that asks for a list of one or more addresses defining all locations relevant to a business. Previously, we returned two unanswered instances of the location value: one marked required and one marked optional. This behavior confused developers who did not understand why the second optional location was included. Now, we start with one required location, and only return an optional location once the first location is given an address.
  • Finally, we updated the order in which properties are returned from the /applications endpoint to ensure consistency. This consistency makes it easier for developers to read and understand /applications responses.

Fixes and improvements

We also made the following improvements and fixes to Herald:

  • We updated the error message returned when a customer sends in an expired JSON Web Token (JWT) to more accurately describe the issue.
  • We added the ability for distributors, at the quote stage, to submit risk parameters that are optional to quote but are ultimately required to bind.
  • We expanded our taxonomy of accepted legal entity types to include “Trustee.”