May 11, 2022

Another Workers' Compensation integration

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Another one

This week, we launched another Workers’ Compensation integration. This addition brings our number of Workers’ Compensation products up to three and our total number of supported products up to fourteen. This product launch marks the fifth new product we’ve launched in the last six weeks!

Updates to our dynamic application feature

Our dynamic application feature allows developers to easily get and render the correct underwriting and coverage questions on screen for their users. To create a dynamic application, developers make a POST request to our /applications endpoint.

For this initial request, we only require the array of products for which the user wants to get a quote. The response to a successful POST /applications request includes all the known underwriting and coverage questions needed to successfully submit that quote. We also tag each question with metadata that helps developers render those questions correctly.

One request we heard from developers was to include additional information to help them organize these questions in various ways depending on the user experience they were building. During this sprint, we updated the /applications response to clearly tag each answer with the set of products for which that answer is relevant. We also added additional attributes to indicate whether each parameter was required to get a quote or to ultimately bind coverage.

Fixes and Improvements

We also made the following fixes and improvements this release:

  • We added support for over 100 new industry codes across our BOP and Cyber products.
  • We fixed a bug in our /submissions endpoint where, despite sending the correct producer information to the carrier, we occasionally returned the wrong producer information to the distributor.
  • We fixed a bug where, for certain fields in the /applications endpoint, entering zero (0), false, or NULL blocked the application from reaching a “complete” status. Now we allow these values in all applicable fields.
  • We added “early decline logic” for a Workers’ Compensation product that doesn’t have appetite for certain legal entities.
  • We updated our Sentry alerting system to capture the HTTP method (POST, PUT, GET, etc.) of the triggering request to help our customer support team more quickly troubleshoot issues for our developers and their users.