February 14, 2022


New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Preparing for scale

As more distributors and carriers join Herald, it becomes important to update our team, processes, and technology to support the growth of our ecosystem. This sprint, we focused on making updates to our infrastructure that enables us to scale:

  • We automated parts of our data pipeline to enable our team to more quickly integrate new products.
  • We launched an internal tool that improves how we manage the relationships between our customers, enabled producers, and the insurance products those producers are authorized to quote and bind. This tool allows our customer success team to react more quickly to requests and helps our engineers focus on building new features.
  • We improved our authentication and authorization for better performance and security.
  • We added useful metadata to our alert suite that allows us to automate messages at a higher level of precision.

That said, we’re always improving our insurance capabilities:

  • We added support for several more General Liability class codes, including: Appliance installation, Freight Forwarding, Interior Decorating, Furniture manufacturing, and Excavation.
  • We made adjustments to how we gather information on full-time and part-time employees for Workers’ Compensation policies.
  • We updated the “data coercion” rules for our BOP products. Data coercion allows Herald to find the closest match for the set of requested coverage parameters with each carrier partner.

We also launched a News page on our website for other updates about Herald from both the press and our team’s blog.

Fixes and improvements

We also made a couple of small fixes and improvements to the Herald platform:

  • We fixed a bug that would cause an error when effective dates were (way) too far in the past.
  • We updated the http error code when certain child parameters were missing from 500 to 400.
  • We fixed a bug that retried failed webhook notifications for customers who do not have webhooks enabled.