December 31, 2021

Last updates of 2021

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Before the year ends...

Despite the winter holidays, we kept chipping away at our mission of making commercial insurance easily accessible online. Here are the last changes and bug fixes we snuck in before the new year:

  • We expanded support for BOP to include three additional classes of business: “chambers of commerce”, “display lettering services”, and “sign painting services.”
  • We laid the foundation for a highly-requested feature: webhooks. In particular we defined events, built a queuing service, updated our encryption method, and added relevant logs.
  • We improved our BOP quote rate by automatically identifying and adding a required endorsement in rare, unpredictable circumstances. This endorsement becomes available only when the carrier indicates so in the errors of their quote response.
  • We added early decline logic for relevant class codes for one of our BOP providers. This improves our APIs performance so that you get an answer right away, rather than waiting for a round trip to the carrier.
  • We fixed a bug that made BOP unresponsive in the (rare) event that an applicant lists a building that is 100+ stories tall.