October 21, 2021

Workers' Compensation

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Our first workers' compensation carrier

Sorry we didn’t write to you two weeks ago. We were busy meeting with folks at Insuretech Connect in Las Vegas! It was the first industry conference where Herald was represented (and it was a blast).

This week we launched our first carrier for our second line of business: workers’ compensation. In addition to having a lot of demand for this line of business, we saw value in supporting multiple lines of insurance as quickly as possible. Here’s what is new for workers’ compensation:

  • We created new workers’ compensation risk parameters.
  • We created a standard set of workers’ compensation coverage parameters across multiple carriers’ products.
  • You can now request quotes for products from multiple lines of business in a single request.

Fixes and improvements

In addition to adding workers’ compensation as a line of business, we also expanded some features and improved performance of existing ones. Here are the latest fixes and improvements:

  • One of our carriers requires us to whitelist the IPs addresses of all servers that send in API requests. In order to support integrations with this carrier (and others like them) we set up a proxy server through which we route all relevant requests.
  • Our carrier partners can now use the Herald Sandbox environment to test out our integration of their own products.
  • We restructured some risk parameters so that they are no longer nested under NAICS code, namely “total payroll” and “gross sales.”
  • We added security controls to ensure that platforms cannot see submissions they are not entitled to see.
  • Developers can now send in the insured representative name and contact information for certain products. Because this information is required at bind, this will accelerate that process for those products.
  • We are also excited to be growing the Herald team! We added a new page on our website where you can learn about Careers at Herald. The thumbnail below is of our “filter friday!”