July 10, 2023

Another Cyber Product and Updated Quote Status

New updates and improvements to Herald's API.

Another Cyber Product

We’ve recently added 1 new Cyber product, bringing our total number of Cyber products to 10!

Updating Quote Status (’asynchronous quoting’)

When a user makes a submission via Herald, in the happy path a carrier responds in real time (more or less, maybe a few seconds) with a quote. However, there are also some ‘unhappy paths’.

The first is a decline, in which the carrier refuses to offer a quote to that applicant. In a second path, a carrier may refer the quote to an underwriter for human review. After the underwriter looks at the account they will decide whether it should be quoted or declined.

Some carriers handle this within their API! After the underwriter makes a decision, their API will update to reflect the new status of the quote. Now, Herald checks for those updated statuses and notifies our users when they change via our webhooks. We call this ‘aysnchronous quoting’.  We’ll continue to roll this out across additional carriers where supported over time!

Fixes and Improvements

  • We have created a new error message for when policies that are trying bind are declined when they don’t have a corresponding broker license number.
  • We have several fields that require input types of integers. Now, if we are send a number as a string, we’ll automatically convert it into an integer instead of throwing a data validation error.